PD Ostrich Show Farm Attractions

ostrich-leftWhile ostriches are the main draw of the PD Ostrich Show Farm, we are proud to have a huge variety of other farm animals which together make a visit fun, entertaining, educational and a microcosm of what farms are like in Malaysia.

Other residents of the farm include ponies, donkeys, goats, several breeds of rabbits, silkies and fizzled fowls, geese, turkeys, ducks and a host of other fowls. Petting animals include dogs, guinea pigs and other animals.

We also have an Aquarium area for Malaysian river fish.

PD Ostrich Show Farm is also the gateway to several other major attractions along the same road, dubbed the 9Wonders of PD.

These other attractions are Dinosaurs in the Jungle, Man’s BFF Café (Malaysia’s first dog café) and PD Extreme Jungle Park. All these 3 attractions can be accessed directly from PD Ostrich Farm.


Check our packages for combo deals to these attractions.

Oh, say “hi” to Johnny, our pet dragon 🙂john-dragon-2